Dr Chandrika Parmar

Fertility Specialist and Gynaecologist

Simplifying your fertility journey


Fertility Assessment

Infertility is a common condition, affecting one in six Australian couples trying to conceive. If you have been trying to fall pregnant for six months or more, it’s recommended that you consult a fertility specialist.

Fertility Treatments

Every couple is different. There’s a complex and unique interplay of factors contributing to your infertility, so the tests we do and the treatment plan we work out for you are individualised to your situation.

Fertility Surgery

Depending on your individual circumstances, there are a number of procedures that I may suggest for you to increase your chances of conceiving. 


Specialist care for fertility issues

Helping couples with IVF and fertility treatment in Melbourne

I am a fertility specialist based in Melbourne and part of the Melbourne IVF group. If you’re having difficulty conceiving I would be happy to see you so that we can optimise your chances of starting your family. I understand how stressful this time might be for you, especially when you are being overwhelmed with so much information from your well-meaning family and friends as well as the internet. A lot of this information can be contradictory and confusing.

Seeking treatment for infertility can be physically and emotionally draining and I believe in a caring but objective approach. Fertility issues are often very complex and the treatment I offer is individually tailored to you.

It is natural to look to the future, but it is also important to keep your expectations hopeful but realistic. Many of my successful outcomes are achieved by an encouraging, persistent and caring approach.

If you are considering fertility treatment, making an appointment to discuss your options would be the best first step to take.

Professional experience and education

I completed my Masters in Reproductive Medicine at the University of New South Wales and started working as a fertility specialist in 2005 at The Women’s and The Mercy Hospitals. In 2009 I joined Melbourne IVF which is Melbourne’s leading group of fertility specialist.

I opened my own rooms at the Freemasons Hospital sharing consultation suites with a group of MIVF specialists. I am proud to be part of this group as we share our experience, knowledge and expertise to give our patients the best possible chance of becoming pregnant.

Areas of expertise

I specialise in female and male infertility issues including recurrent miscarriage, egg freezing, donor egg and sperm, surrogacy, fertility surgery and in vitro maturation (IVM).

My approach is very patient-focussed and I will manage your treatment from your initial appointment through to arranging tests, procedures and collection of results. It is important for me to develop a meaningful relationship with my patients and it is reassuring for them to see a familiar face who is well acquainted with their treatment and needs.  If I am away for any reason, you will be taken care of by one of my MIVF colleagues who will also provide the same level of personalised care.