For short-term unexplained infertility, mild male factor abnormalities or sexual difficulties, I often recommend artificial insemination as an initial treatment. Intrauterine insemination (IUI) involves inserting a prepared sperm sample into the uterus at the time of ovulation. IUI can be performed during a normal cycle, or in conjunction with ovulation induction and I will  advise the best technique for you.

Your cycle will be monitored to determine the day of ovulation and you will be given an injection of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) to trigger ovulation. The sperm will then be inserted directly into your uterus through a very thin catheter. This is a minimally disruptive procedure and is about as uncomfortable as a Pap smear. General sedation may be given if needed.

It’s normal to complete up to six cycles of IUI before you fall pregnant or we decide to move onto other treatments.

Who is IUI suitable for?

Intrauterine insemination is suitable for couples with unexplained infertility or sexual difficulties.

IUI can also be used with donor sperm if there are issues in the male partner, if you are a single woman, or for same-sex couples.

If you’re considering IUI as an option, being in good physical health is a good starting point. Quitting smoking, being active, eating well, and maintaining a healthy weight range will assist both of you in your treatment.