Patience and focus on yourself in your journey to fall pregnant

Fertility treatments, often test your patience. For people who are trying to fall pregnant every month that passes that they're not pregnant or they have a menstrual cycle, it's quite difficult sometimes to keep going. Sometimes we advise counseling. Sometimes we advise taking a break, going out and enjoying your life. Take a short holiday, forget about trying. Get involved in fun filled activities around you that you love doing.

I'd say it's not uncommon for people trying to fall pregnant to actually forget to live, and it's really, really hard to find a balance where on the one side, you're really devastated by not being able to fall pregnant. The other side life must go on.

Let's say on an average each month, the chance of falling pregnant if you're under 35 is about 15% per month. That's not a lot, but that's what the chances are. It can take three to six months and sometimes nine to 12. Fertility treatments are there to help, but they certainly don't carry 100% success rate. Sometimes they can increase your baseline pregnancy rate to 15% to 20%, and occasionally up to 30%. It still could take with assisted fertility, a few months to get pregnant.

Sometimes seeing a counselor on the side helps. Counselors, especially fertility counselors, are really important in giving you an unbiased opinion of what's happening, helping you establish some coping mechanism. And the most important thing is to remember that the two of you exist together because you want to be together. You want to have fun together. You want to live your life together.

And the process of creating this child started with the two of you enjoying yourself so much that you wanted to extend it into a family. It's important not to forget that and focus on yourself sometimes. Hopefully that family will happen soon. While it's not happening, don't forget yourself. Enjoy life.

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(c) Chandrika Parmar